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Information in Variety Selector Tool can be accessed in two ways

  1. Use the tool to select varieties with a combination of desired traits which are available in the drop-down menus. Information on each trait is also provided with the drop-down menu. Traits used for selection include colour, phenology (budburst, veraison and harvest date, July 1 = day 0), seasonality (days from budburst to harvest), leaf area index and fruit composition (pH, titratable acidity, the tartaric/malic acid ratio, and for red varieties anthocyanins). It is recommended that no more than three traits be selected at any one time.
  2. Select a variety of interest directly from the selection menu.

For both methods, a summary of the data for the selected variety is presented and a link to photographs provided. Note: the tool does not provide information for different clones.

Berry colour is based on the external appearance of the skin at harvest. White wines may be produced from varieties with white or white rose berries. Red wines are generally produced from varieties with black berries although some with red berries may be used for lighter style wines.

Budburst was recorded for each variety by weekly visual assessment. The values presented for each variety are for when 50% budburst occurred from July 1 (day 0). Across the varieties 50% budburst occurred over a 36 day period (day 57-93, August 26th - October 3rd). Note: late budburst provides protection against early spring frosts.
Flowering was recorded for each variety by weekly visual assessment. The values presented for each variety are for when 50% flowering occurred from July 1 (day 0). Across the varieties 50% flowering occurred over a 27 day period (days 105-132, October 13th - 9th November).
Veraison was recorded for each variety by weekly assessment of berry softening (white varieties) and colour development (coloured varieties). The values presented for each variety are for when 50% of berries had passed through veraison from July 1 (day 0). The period of veraison occurred over a 49 day period (days 161-210, 8th December - 20th January).
Predicted harvest date was determined at 22o Brix, based on fruit maturation curves collected weekly over the course of ripening. The predicted harvest date at sugar ripeness (22o Brix) across the varieties extended over a 121 day period from July 1 (days 187 to day 308, 3rd January - 12th April).
Seasonality reflects the length of the growing season. It was calculated for each variety as the days between budburst and predicted harvest date. Across the varieties there was a range in seasonality from 106 to 228 days. Note: Compared to varieties with long seasonality, it is likely that varieties with short seasonality will have lower requirements for water and reduced inputs for pest and disease control.
Leaf area index (LAI) was measured prior to harvest using a LiCor canopy meter. It provides an indicator of canopy size and density based on the number of leaf layers. LAI values ranged from 0.4 - 7.31 across the varieties. Note: Varieties with low LAI are likely to have lower water requirements than those with high LAI. High LAI may be associated with excessive shading and negative impacts on wine quality.
Juice pH values ranged from 3.48 - 4.95 across the varieties at harvest. Juice pH is a critical quality parameter as it determines requirements for acid addition treatments to adjust pH in the winemaking process to enhance wine stability and minimise microbial spoilage. For winemaking, values below 3.6 are desirable. Varieties with high juice pH (i.e. > 4.5) are likely to require excessive amounts of tartaric acid for pH adjustment giving a tart acid taste to the final wine.
Juice titratable acidity concentrations ranged from 1.60 - 9.07 g/L across the 465 varieties at harvest. Optimal titratable acidity levels in juice are around 6.0 g/L. High levels of titratable acidity in wine may lead to an excessive tart acid taste. Varieties with low levels of titratable acidity are likely to have high pH and require significant addition of acid for pH adjustment.
The tartaric/malic acid ratio ranged from 0.52- 5.42. The tartaric acid/ malic acid ratio provides and indicator of acid balance in grape juice as tartaric acid and malic acid are the main organic acids. Higher values are preferred in winemaking because tartaric acid is a stronger acid and more stable than malic acid.
Total berry anthocyanin concentrations across the 237 nominally red and black varieties ranged from 0.01 - 5.79 mg/g. Anthocyanin concentrations of bench-mark commercial varieties, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon were 0.54, 0.87 and 1.27 mg/g respectively. Varieties with values below 0.15 mg/g are unlikely to be suitable for red wine production.
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Sibera (GM 6495-3) | White

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Siegerrebe | White

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Varousset | Black

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Veeport | Black

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Verdejo Blanco | White

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Verdelho | White

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Verduzzo | White

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Verduzzo Friulano | White

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Vermentino | White

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Vernaccia | White

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Vespolina | Red

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Villard Blanc | White

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Viognier | White

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Waltham | White

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White Muscat | White

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White Veltliner | White

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Zala Gyoengye | White

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Zante Currant | Black

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Zinfandel | Black

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