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Siegerrebe is a very early ripening white wine grape from Germany. It has a very short growing season with medium yield potential. Vitis vinifera, the selected clone for data analysis was Siegerrebe FVI10V13, IC71.8182. The prime name of this variety is Siegerrebe. Siegerrebe ripens in late January in the warm irrigated regions of Australia but has low titratable acidity levels. The variety has performed well in cooler climates such as Tasmania where it ripens in mid February.

Variety: Siegerrebe
Colour: White
Seeded: Yes
Bud Burst Days (July 1=0): Early 71.00
Flowering Days (July 1=0): Late 116.00
Veraison Rating: Very Early 164.00
Harvest 22 Brix Days (July 1=0): Very Early 195.00
Seasonality (days): Very Short 126.00
Leaf Area Index (m2/m2): 1.86
Bunches Per Shoot: 1.10
Yield Potential: Medium
Berry Weight (g): 1.57
Total Soluble Solids (° Brix): 23.10
pH: 4.08
Titratable Acidity (g/L): Medium 4.08
Tartaric Acid (g/L): 5.48
Malic Acid (g/L): 3.34
Tartrate Malate Acid Ratio: Medium 1.64
Anthocyanins (mg/g): Unknown .
Phenolics (au): .
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (mg/)L: 301
Potassium (mg/)L: 1,620.00