Rossignola 1 Field

Rossignola is a medium ripening black wine grape from Italy. It has a medium growing season with low yield potential. Vitis vinifera, the selected clone for data analysis was Rossignola FSAC. The prime name of this variety is Rossignola. Grown in the Veriona province of Italy the wines are tart and often blended with Rondinella

Variety: Rossignola
Colour: Black
Seeded: Yes
Bud Burst Days (July 1=0): Medium 74.00
Flowering Days (July 1=0): Late 112.00
Veraison Rating: Medium 184.00
Harvest 22 Brix Days (July 1=0): Medium 242.00
Seasonality (days): Medium 160.00
Leaf Area Index (m2/m2): 1.27
Bunches Per Shoot: 1.00
Yield Potential: Low
Berry Weight (g): 2.18
Total Soluble Solids (° Brix): 22.80
pH: 3.59
Titratable Acidity (g/L): Medium 4.67
Tartaric Acid (g/L): 4.35
Malic Acid (g/L): 3.10
Tartrate Malate Acid Ratio: Low 1.40
Anthocyanins (mg/g): Very Low 0.17
Phenolics (au): 0.77
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (mg/)L: 182
Potassium (mg/)L: 893.00