Corvinon is a late ripening red wine grape from Italy. It has a long growing season with low yield potential. Vitis vinifera, the selected clone for data analysis was Corvinon IC85.8426.

Variety: Corvinon
Colour: Red
Seeded: Yes
Bud Burst Days (July 1=0): Late 84.00
Flowering Days (July 1=0): Very Late 125.00
Veraison Rating: Very Late 203.00
Harvest 22 Brix Days (July 1=0): Late 273.00
Seasonality (days): Long 199.00
Leaf Area Index (m2/m2): 2.07
Bunches Per Shoot: 1.40
Yield Potential: Low
Berry Weight (g): 2.57
Total Soluble Solids (° Brix): 17.70
pH: 3.73
Titratable Acidity (g/L): High 5.74
Tartaric Acid (g/L): 5.20
Malic Acid (g/L): 4.53
Tartrate Malate Acid Ratio: Low 1.15
Anthocyanins (mg/g): Low 0.27
Phenolics (au): 0.70
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (mg/)L: 298
Potassium (mg/)L: 1,070.00